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Individual Dismissals across Europe

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Introduction to individual dismissals across Europe

In order to set up operations and manage human resources, international employers increasingly have a need to understand the key aspects of different national legal systems.

On behalf of Ius Laboris, the Alliance of leading Human Resources law practitioners, we are delighted to introduce the third edition of ‘Individual Dismissals Across Europe’. This third print contains the most recent updates on legislative changes and developments in many countries across Europe. The current economic situation has forced a lot of countries to adapt their labour law systems and bring them into line with new societal trends.

This publication explains the essential principles of individual dismissals in numerous European countries and sets out each country’s system for protection against dismissal, prior warnings, notice periods, the selection of employees to dismiss, collective requirements, administrative approvals and the legal impact of dismissals. Its purpose is to provide executives and consultants with a comprehensive overview of the national system, without assuming any prior knowledge of the subject.

All authors are lawyers from across the Alliance and have extensive practical experience in advising international clients on employment law. We would like to express our appreciation to all member firms for their contributions and knowledge-sharing.

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  • 1. General protection
  • 2. Special considerations
  • 3. Resignation
  • 4. Avoiding unfair dismissal
  • 5. Circumstances in which dismissal without notice is permitted
  • 6. Sanctions and enforcement
  • 7. Waiver of right to sue

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