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Increasing numbers of businesses have global operations, resulting in a growing need for staff to travel for business meetings and take on longer term work assignments abroad. Businesses routinely second staff into foreign jurisdictions.

Many organisations, from multinationals to SMEs rely on foreign workers, who bring in skills and knowledge from outside and span a wide a range of industries. From high-tech and biotech, to retail and hospitality, the demand for skilled and professional workers from foreign countries is ever-increasing across the world. In some developing countries foreign investment has led to a need for foreign labour, causing businesses to look beyond their borders to source the necessary skills and knowledge. And there are signs that governments are adapting immigration law and policy to meet the socio-economic need for foreign labour.

But despite this, the focus on border control remains high on the agenda of many governments and the consequences of non-compliance with immigration control are becoming more severe in those countries. This impacts on many industries and means it is essential for organisations to have sound immigration strategies and good forward planning to enable them to operate efficiently and avoid non-compliance sanctions.

The aim of this publication is to assist professionals in managing their global workforces, no matter where they are located and to provide them with an accessible guide to assist in planning their international assignments and transfers. 


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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Sources of law
  • 3. Visitors for business purposes
  • 4. Workers who may not need a work permit
  • 5. Work permits
  • 6. Lawful stay for dependants

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