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Low Performance Management

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Managers in multinational companies often find it difficult to manage underperformance in their teams. Finding it difficult to address negative issues face to face means they either avoid having the discussions in the first place, or they end up covering them with so many positive messages that the employee ends up feeling that he or she has had a good appraisal. Unsurprisingly, these approaches almost always create difficulties in the long term because it is difficult to prove the underperformance was ever addressed. 

This publication provides guidance on the legal aspects of managing underperformance in different countries. Increasing awareness of the potential legal pitfalls will provide your managers greater confidence to manage performance in their team.


Selected topic:

  • 1. Definitions, thresholds and recordkeeping
  • 2. Performance management
  • 3. Justification for dismissal
  • 4. Claims against the employer

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